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Frequently asked questions by teachers and students.

Which airline?
How many in a group?
Where do we stay?
What will we have to eat.
What about the payment schedule?
What are the cancellation fees?
Are there any activities included in the price?
How much spending money will I need?
What travel documents do I need?
What should I pack?
What about calling home?
Do I have insurance?
Why should our group travel with World Class Tours?
How does World Class Tours design an itinerary?
How do I choose a roommate?
What will a typical tour day be like?
What type of sightseeing transportation will we have?

Q. What airline do we fly?
A. WC Tours groups travel on scheduled flights, using major carriers including Air Canada.

Q. How many people travel in a group?
A. Groups average anywhere from 20 to 40 participants traveling together on a bus, led by an local agent or Tour Manager. There are also customized tours for smaller groups.

Q. Where do we stay?
A. World Class groups stay in three- and four-star centrally located hotels, in rooms with private bathrooms. Students generally stay in rooms that sleep three people.
You will find out what hotel your group has been assigned approximately 30 days prior to your departure.

Q. What will we have to eat?
A. You will enjoy meals in the restaurant of your hotel or in nearby eateries, featuring well prepared dishes that balance familiar foods with native cuisine. Most programs include breakfast and dinner, but not lunch. Beverages are not included, except coffee or tea at breakfast.

Q. How and when do I Make Payments?
A. Payment must be made by cheque, money order or cash. In most cases, group leaders collect the payments prior to the specified deadlines. A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your place on the tour. Then, you have the choice or making one final payment approximately ninety days prior to departure (this option saves you $50.00) or you can break the final payment down into two payments. All trips must be paid in full approximately sixty days prior to departure. At the time of booking, you will be required to complete a booking form which will state your exact payment amounts and the dates these are due.

Q. What are the cancellation fees?
The cancellation fees vary depending on when you notify us in writing that you wish to cancel. Your deposit is non-refundable and the complete schedule of cancellation fees can be found on the web site.

Q. Are there any activities included in the price?
A. Most activities are included in the price of the tour that has been customized according to the wishes of the group leader. There may be opportunities to participate is other activities and these decisions rest with the tour leader either prior to, or during the tour. Costs associated with activities outside of the customized itinerary will be additional.

Q. How much spending money will I need?

A. Spending needs vary, but a typical allowance is $50 per day for lunch, snacks, soft drinks, postage, souvenirs, local transportation, free-time activities and optional excursions not already included in your itinerary. Most students carry ATM cards, travelers checks and credit cards.

Q. What travel documents do I need?
a. A valid Canadian passport is the best document to use as proof of citizenship and is absolutely necessary when traveling outside of North Am erica. . For more information visit the Passport page(s)

Q. What should I pack?
A. Our advice is to pack light—you won't regret it! You will be responsible for carrying your own luggage on and off the bus, in and out of your hotel, and onto trains. Bring comfortable, practical clothes that you can wear more than once, with a few nice pieces thrown in.

Remember to pack clothes that you can layer, and never bring new shoes!

Q. What about calling home?
A. Calling home is now easier than ever before. With the Canada Direct service, just one direct dial phone connects you with a Canadian operator whether you are calling collect or using a calling card. This is particularly helpful when language barriers are involved.

In all hotels, if you wish to use the telephone inside your room, you must leave some sort of deposit, whether in the form of cash or a credit card imprint. It is also a good idea to inform the front desk if the call you are making is with a calling card or collect to make sure long distance charges are not placed on your room’s bill when you check out. If you cannot leave a deposit, pay telephones are usually located in hotel lobbies or you may be able to use one at the reception desk for a toll free call. In any case, you will most likely be charged a small fee, as you are in North American hotels, for using the phone.

Q. Do I have travel insurance?
A. Travel insurance is not always included in the cost of the tour, however an All-Inclusive plan is available to purchase at the time the initial deposit is made. The cost of the insurance varies with the price of the tour.
We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance specifically designed for you travel needs. For more information download the summary of the World Class Tours insurance plan or for more detailed information, visit the web site of our insurance provider, Travel Guard.

Q. Why should our group travel with World Class Tours?
A. Our service is unparalleled. From the pre-tour planning right through the trip itself, World Class Tours will work closely with your school to ensure the best trip possible. Excellent hotels, transportation, meals, and attractions are more reasons that World Class Tours should be your choice for student tours.

Q. How does World Class Tours design an itinerary?
A. We will provide a basic travel template based on our years of experience and the availability of services in your chosen destination. We will then work with you and customize it to meet the needs of your individual group.

Q. How do students choose their roommates?
A. This is left up to the individual groups and in most cases, students are allowed to choose their own roommates. Otherwise, the group leader may assign them.

Q. What will the typical tour day be like?
A. Breakfast is usually served about 7 or 7:30. Sightseeing begins right after breakfast. After a lunch stop, the sightseeing continues until dinner, which typically occurs between 5:30 and 7 pm. An evening tour or activity sometimes follows dinner. Students are normally back at the hotel by 9 or 10 pm. Final curfew and bed check is at the discretion of the Group Leader.

Q. What type of sightseeing transportation will we have?
A. All sightseeing is aboard deluxe climate-controlled, restroom equipped motor coaches with professional driver/guides. You will have exclusive use of your own motor coach and never be combined with another group unless you specifically make the request.