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Booking with Us

Enrollment and Payments

Once you and your group of students have chosen your tour, each participant will be given a detailed day-to-day itinerary including a list of program inclusions and prices. Participants have a choice of two guaranteed payment options. The Early Payment Plan guarantees a savings of at least $50.00 off the cost of the tour. The Regular Payment Plan allows participants to make their final payment in two installments. When your group is ready to book their tour, your World Class Tours Ltd. consultant will provide you with a sufficient number of copies of the World Class Tours Ltd. booking form which states the actual payment amounts and dates. In order to enroll in the tour, each participant must complete and submit a World Class Tours Ltd. booking form along with a non-refundable deposit of $300.00. Each participant will retain a completed copy of the booking form which also lists booking conditions and cancellation penalties. It is the responsibility of the Leader and the individual participants to ensure that all payments reach the World Class Tours Ltd. office by their due date. Interim payments are due in December and January for travel during spring and Easter breaks. All payments must be made by cash, cheque or money order. Credit Cards are not accepted.

Travel Insurance

World Class Tours Ltd. offers a comprehensive travel insurance package to all group members. The policy covers travellers in the event of cancellation due to illness or injury, emergency hospital and medical expenses and lost or stolen baggage. This insurance package may be included in the cost of the tour or purchased on an individual basis. Complete details of the insurance policy are available upon request. A copy of the coverage will be given to each participant along with the booking form.

Cancellation Penalties

Cancellation penalties apply to all tours. The amount of the penalties varies according to the tour and travel dates. Complete details of cancellation fees are provided on the back of each booking form.

Pre-Departure Planning

Student travel demands in-depth preparation for the travel experience. It is vital that students are prepared for the cultural differences between Canada and their foreign destination. Pre-departure orientation meetings provide the opportunity for students to get to know one another as well as receive pertinent information from their group leaders. Your local World Class Tours Ltd. educational consultant is always available to answer questions regarding the tour and offer helpful hints to lessen the effects of culture shock. At the initial presentation to the parents and students the consultant is able to answer questions about World Class Tours Ltd., the tour itinerary and the destinations. As well, we provide each group leader with a copy of our CLASS NOTES, a manual containing handouts on such topics as passports, foreign currency, electrical appliances, medication and sickness, rules for students, overseas telephone calls, packing, weather, etc.

Click here to view CLASS NOTES or here to download CLASS NOTES in .pdf format.

We also make available on a loan basis, videos, books and brochures that deal with the destinations of the tour. At World Class Tours Ltd., we believe that students will benefit most from their travel experience if they are well-informed and prepared prior to departure.